Why France is Considered One of the Best Holiday Destination

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France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has many things to offer to vacationers. Be it the lights, culture, and sounds, the serene rural loveliness of a holiday gate in the Dordogne, a tasting of the renowned French wines or the historical chateaux that are scattered all through the country, there are many good reasons why a lot of people mostly newlywed chose to make their holiday destination and go back year after year.


Etretat - Normandy, France

France is bigger than the United Kingdom and is subdivided into 26 regions, and each one is separated into departments. These departments might be identical to the classification of counties in the UK, but a region will cover over one department. Regions and departments provide something different, exceptional; it doesn’t matter if you enjoy relaxing under the sun, looking at some ancient cave drawings in the Lascaux cave of the Dordogne, or would choose adrenaline activities in the French Alps, France can provide you what you need.

One good reason why the southern part of France is prevalent because of the mild climate, wherein summer temperature soar to 40 degrees Celsius and the winter temperature rarely go below 5 degrees Celsius. French Riviera and Provence have the best weather all through the entire of Europe.

French Alps, on the other hand, are a preferred place during the winter season, when snow is in demand instead of sunshine. It is during this time that snowboarders and skiers eagerly head for the Snowy Mountains for the anticipation of making the most of newly powdered runs.


French Alps

France is a popular destination for winter sports activities, its location makes it possible to drive or fly, and the resort catering especially for tourists. With a fantastic reputation for offering the superb skiing experience in the world, the additions of well-known culture and mouthwatering food can add to the long list of reasons people decide to make this place their temporary home for a couple of weeks when they choose to book time away from traffic and busy schedules.

When skiing, there are lots of diverse choices available for accommodation. Some choose to stay in hotels, while others might form into groups and decided to rent a chalet. Usually, this makes for a remarkable experience, what better way to spend a vacation that to be out on the slopes and unwind in front of a blazing fire in the night along with friends and loves ones with a glass of French wine.

For those who keep hold of their sense of adventure, but choose their vacations to be less icy, rural France can be the best option. Seeing the place by walking, riding a bike, or even horseback is a healthy and rewarding way to experience the natural beauty of the country. Those searching for something less active might choose to unwind in one of the posh villas in France.

Les Mans is a place for the oldest endurance car race in the world. The 24 Hours of Le Mans started in 1923 and still active at this point. Teams will vie on the track with the race lasting, and the title suggests for 24 hours.


Eiffel Tower

While France is renowned for its colorful history, the Northern part is the place to Normandy, where the D-Day landing operation drastically speeds up the defeat of Nazi Germany. The place is home to museums as well as memorials, which these people interested in the most violent era in humanity might choose to visit.

France is the preferred holiday destination in Europe, offering adrenaline activities, cultural experiences, and relaxing stays. If you haven’t yet decided where to go for your holiday this 2020, France will surely be one of the best destinations, and it is well worth further investigation.

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