Explore the Best Cities in Europe

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Europe has many things to offer from famous chocolate and fabulous shopping to excellent wine and comfortable weather. So, don’t get too much excited but hold your breath, as this article will take to some of Europe’s most popular fun-filled destinations.

So what are you waiting for, let’s start the countdown and discover them one by one?

Paris: Europe’s Romantic City

Eiffel Tower

Paris is perhaps the first destination for many people who think of traveling to Europe for a holiday or vacation. Known as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe and the whole world, Paris is a vibrant, large city and the capital of France. Lots of prominent buildings around the center, including the Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and the most popular Eiffel Tower.

The Seine River runs through the city, which provides it much of its character. Paris is also full of secret squares as well as a hidden garden. There are well-known little buildings in an array of designs and styles. The most famous art gallery is the Louvre, however there many others here too.

This city is also renowned for its superb shopping and restaurants. Paris can be reached by overland or air, and has excellent public transport. In general, Paris is the most romantic city where you can take pleasure in the impressive beaches and lots of shopping.

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Milan Italy- Haute Couture

Milan Duomo Italy

One of the perfect shopping destinations is Haute Couture. Milan is hugely renowned for shopping centers as it has some of the most excellent and most pleasing shopping malls. You can take pleasure in the varieties of cosines with an exciting and thrilling experience.

Switzerland: Enjoy the Goodness of Chocolates

switzerland Ticino

If you love chocolate, then Switzerland is the best place to visit. Visit Ticino to witness some of the remarkable varieties of chocolates like bitter chocolates, hot chocolates as well as other exclusive chocolates. This is also a perfect destination for honeymooners.

Florence: The Exceptional Art Culture


Florence is considered the most historical place in Europe, where you can witness some of the distinctive art forms and paintings. If you love traditions and culture and are greatly interested in experiencing the architecture, then Florence is the perfect place to go to. Your Florence vacation will not be completed if you don’t visit the Palazzo Strozzi. Check our tips For Traveling to Florence

Munich: For Party Goers


Munich is a place where you can take pleasure in the array of drinks like wine, beer, and fine dishes. Most of the local people love going to a party, so they often organize such parties.

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Venice – Wine And Dine

basilica in venice

Venice is packed with exotic islands where there are exquisite arrays of drinks and wines. Even the dishes are very popular as they are delicious and spices. There also many things to do and see in Venice that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

Rome: Religious City 


The capital city of Italy, Rome, is packed with renowned landmarks, many of which date back to the ancient Roman Empire. The town lies on the courses of two rivers, Tiber and Anienen, near Mediterranean shores. It has excellent weather, and even if there is good public transportation, driving is perhaps best left to the natives. The Pope and the Catholic Churched are located in the Vatican City, an actual city itself which sits in the city of Rome. It’s well worth a visit for its exceptional history and magnificent architecture.

So, there were some of the best and most visited cities in Europe that you should include in your bucket list this 2020.

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