Jamaica: A Perfect Holiday Destination for the Whole Family

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Jamaica is a fantastic destination for a family holiday. Even if it does have white sand beaches as well as a stunningly beautiful blue sea to play in, there are lots of exciting and fun things to do in this place with your little ones. Jamaica outskirt is nature’s playground with remarkable waters and virgin rivers and forests. This eco-paradise is a perfect place for holiday travel with the family with exceptional activities for each one to enjoy.

Treasure Beach and the Black River

jamaica black river

Treasure Beach is a popular fishing town located on the South Coast of the country. Head down to the beach with the little ones and get a drink at the bar near the beach. Enjoy a fast game of dominoes with locals and discuss a day trip with one of the fishermen. As you get going to the Caribbean Sea riding in a colored fishing boat, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing view along the coast. Your little ones will surely have fun watching the dolphins and flying fish swimming in an inch away from your boat. Black River, on the other hand, is a place for many crocodiles. Your little ones will enjoy watching these animals as they sunbathe in the mangroves. Further up the river, the whole family will have fun swinging off the rope into the clean, cool water. You don’t have to worry as there are no crocs in these parts.

YS Falls

jamaica YS Falls

Everybody knows the world’s renowned Dunn’s River Falls located in Ocho Rios. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a place to relax without distractions, YS Falls is the perfect place to be. Around the falls are stunning tropical gardens with beautiful colorful flowers. You and your kids will surely enjoy swimming in blue water. Your children will have a blast wavering on the ropes into the pools. Also, you can take a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pool.

Luminous Lagoon

Drop by to Falmouth to witness the shining water one evening with your partner. Take a boat ride into the lagoon to see this God made wonder. The water light up due to the microscopic organisms as the water is agitated. Get sticks to twirl around in the water so your little ones can have fun seeing the water is it shines. You can also take a dip and swim around the water as it glittering. After this experience, you can head up to the Glistering Waters Restaurants to taste the best food like fried snapper and curried chicken while watching the bioluminescent show.

Rick’sRick’s Café

One of the best bars in Jamaica is Rick’sRick’s Café. This is the best place to spend your afternoon. This renowned bar is situated on the Negril cliffs. Your loved ones will experience the lively and cooling reggae background as you watch the cliff diving shows. Witness as these showmen get the spectators riled up as they mount or climb over the trees on top of the cliffs to make their daring jumps. Those seasoned and talented Jamaicans know how to put on a breathtaking show with handstand flips into the water. You and your older kids can also join in the activity and jump off the cliffs as well as platforms of diverse heights. Also, there is a swimming pool nearby to refresh and cool in after this tiring activity. Get a cold refreshing and energizing Red Stripe Beer and some fruit juices for your little ones and see the astounding sunset.

There are so many exciting things to watch and do in Jamaica with family.

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