Top 7 Majestic Places to Visit in Asia

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Asia is the largest and wonderful continent on earth. It has come of the best and most stunning to places to visit. Asia is abundant in its diverse cultures and also has a colorful history behind the whole thing. A vacation or holiday to this amazing continent is certain to rejuvenate or refresh you as well as provide you an insight into some of the most stunning sites and breathe taking sceneries you have seen. Below is the list of some of the best places to visit in Asia.

Bali – Indonesia

bali beach boats

Bali is a small yet splendid that houses the Batubulan Village, which is renowned for is stone sculpture. The culture it represents is rich, and their specialty is the Barong dance. Don’t forget to see the masterpieces of the goldsmiths as well as diverse handicrafts. See more in our Indonesia article.

Bangkok – Thailand

bangkok thailand

This is a famous place due to its Buddha statues as well as the leaning Buddha Temple. Erawan Shrine is a must-visit place and the Shake Farm situated close to the shrine. There are also modern tours such as Coral Island, Safari as well as Bangkok Pattaya. You can find more details in our short guide to Bangkok


India Taj Mahal

India is a country rich in the unique culture and so many things to offer. Amongst the most renowned tours would be a boat ride on the  Ganges River, Himalayas, The Taj Mahal, as well as diverse amazing temples, monuments as well as churches situated all over India. It is also renowned for its diversified cuisine and the diverse festivals, which are commemorated in this country. India will keep you busy and spellbound and busy with all it has to offer to tourists and locals as well. Don’t forget to drop by to India if you are doing an Asian tour.


temple kathmandu nepal

One of the most popular spots to visit in Asia would be Kathmandu. Here, you will learn the culture as well as the people. The places to visit takes account of the Buddhanikantha Temple as well as the ever-popular Pashupatinath Temple. The weather is beautiful throughout the year.


Great Wall of China

China is one of the biggest countries in Asia and needs days to tour the whole country. On the other hand, some of the most renowned tourist spots take account of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The Temple of Heaven is also worth visiting. A lot of guests flock to China to experience the Yangtze River Cruise, which are the preferred sports of tourists and locals as well.  You can share a close relationship with nature in this place. Skyscrapers and modern buildings are a remarkable sight.


japan mount fuji

Japan is a beautiful place to visit. Aside from being one of the cleanest, it is also one of the safest countries in Asia. Tokyo is the capital of Japan with very exciting and enticing surroundings. A lot of guests flock to Japan to experience some of its renowned festivals and to witness the sakura. Some of the ancient cultures can still be found in the mountain villages. Other renowned tourist destinations are the temples, shrines as well as churches that are located in the diverse parts of the country.

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Istanbul Turkey

What makes Turkey popular is its unique culture that will captivate each visitor. There are lots of museums which you can visit, such as the Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Some of its other most renowned websites are its archaeological sites such as Pamukkale’s Hierapolis and renowned mosques like the Blue Mosque. The Turkish chai is fame and a must-have. The conventional outfit is a wonder,  and the locals here are amiable and very welcoming.

Here are just some of the best places to visit in Asia that will surely amaze you by its amazing landmarks.

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