Bankerohan Public Market, Davao, Philippines

Best Shopping Destinations in the Philippines

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Aside from the elegance and beauty of the Philippines, this southeast Asian countries is also an ideal place for the shopping experience. There are many shopping destinations you can find in virtually every corner of the Philippines.  This country is filled with lots of shopping centers and bazaars where you can buy almost the whole thing you need. Guests or tourists that visit this country never leave empty-handed with loads of shopping bags as well as luggage packed of bought items. Year after year, a lot of additional shopping centers are being put up in the country, which makes everyone have the perfect choices to do their shopping.

Here is the top shopping destination in the Philippines:

Market Sa ilalim ng Tulay

Market under the bridge in English term, this is situated in Quiapo Manila along Carlos Palanca Street. This is where you can find unique handicrafts made by native Filipinos. You can enjoy digging in the bargain stalls to search for items of your choice. What is more charming about shopping “ sa ilalim ng tulay market” is that the prices are negotiable and everyone is welcome to bargain the price.  The vendors are friendly and very welcoming.

Makati Commercial Center

Situated at Makati City in the Philippines, here you can find different items as well as designer clothes and other amazing kinds of stuff. This is a one-stop shopping destination wherein you can find all the things you want. The establishment is roomy for customers to have enough space to keep away from inconvenience.

SM Malls

SM has many branches expanding all parts of the country. Here you can find almost everything you need. SM malls are renowned in the Philippines and are a regular shopping destination for shoppers. The SM group of companies is trusted for selling the most excellent items and products which are made locally and others which are from abroad.

Street Shops

Found in all corners of the country along the street sides. There are diverse stores and shops which sell many types of items. Also, there are retail stores and wholesale shops which are renowned in the country. Here you can purchase items in bulks as well as get lots of good deals. The more you purchase, the more discounts you will get, and you can save a lot.


This is a popular place for people who are searching for cheap but high-quality products. A lot of shoppers go to this place to save. Here you can find clothes, foods, kitchen utensils, school supplies, and even pets.


Landmark is situated in Makati City and also considered one of the best shopping malls in the Philippines. Here you can find high-quality items for a very reasonable price. What is more, the staff and personnel are very friendly and accommodating.

Greenhills Shopping Center

This is a very popular shopping located in Greenhills San Juan, Philippines. This is where most of the shoppers choose to go to purchase high-quality items like clothing, appliances, homewares, and a whole lot more.

Harrison Plaza

Situated at Harrison Street in Malate Manila, this is considered one of the best shopping center in the country packed with lots of booths and stores which sell diverse types of items. This place is also considered one of the best shopping destinations for Filipinos and tourists as well.

Araneta Shopping Complex

This is a renowned shopping destination located in Cubao, Philippines, and the best place to search for the best products for a low price.

Here are some of the best shopping destinations in the Philippines. There are so many places to buy an amazing product here, and you can find them almost anywhere in the country.

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