Vatican City, Roma, Italy

Places to Visit in Rome, Italy

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Rome is considered as the oldest and finest city resided by the best tourist destinations in the world. Since its inception, the area is the place of development, culture, politics, and power. The buildup of this city is associated with myths and legends. There were also various stories pertaining to how the place was created.

As time passes by, the construction of religious buildings, palaces, and monuments started. These buildings are now served as the best tourist spots that will remind each tourist about the glorious history of the said place.

Currently, Rome is still included in the list of the top destinations visitors should visit when they are in Europe. This is because it will enable you to view the Vatican and the Colosseum.

Allow us to give you the ideas you can do when you are in Rome.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica Rome, Italy

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most celebrated and recognized religious buildings in the whole world. This is because it shows the decadence and the power of every Catholic. Thus, followers of the Catholic religions considered it as the holiest shrines.

Standing in front of the building, you will be amazed by its beautiful design. You can also see the statues of Jesus and his Apostles. When you enter the shrine, the divine decoration and architecture will welcome you. It also has a big part as to why this place is known to be one of the beautiful buildings around the globe.

St. Peter’s Square

St Peter’s Square Rome, Italy

The Vatican is a small country that holds by Rome. As mentioned, Rome is known for being the most religious area in the world. There are lots of essential and historical events that happened in St. Peter’s Square.

You can see it in front of the Vatican state. Even though it is called Square, it is circular and is composed of two big colonnades set. The columns come with the statue of the previous popes and other religious figures.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon Rome, Italy

This is one of the Roman buildings that are carefully preserved. It is also one of the best destinations worth visiting when you are in Rome. It is made by emperor Hadrian way back in 118 AD. On its front, your eyes will meet a rectangular porch that comes with big columns.

Inside of the building, it comes with a majestic dome that features lots of stone patterns. You can see it at the center of Rome. We highly recommend you to visit this place.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

This is a portion of the Vatican museum complex. It is also one of the religious chapels in Rome that worth your time. It features excellent iconography and detail. It is located in the Apostolic Palace and carefully preserved since the 1400s. It is the area where the papal lives in. This is also the place where the selection for a new pope is being done.

This is a religious building that is known because of its detailed and extensive decors, such as the famous painting of Michelangelo, The Last Judgement fresco. It is also composed of the religiously-driven ceiling paintings.

The two artworks are labeled by many as the most important and influential things in the history of being a Catholic. If you will visit this place, make sure that you have enough time to enjoy the wonders and beautiful structures composed by this place.

As you can notice, most of the places we recommend have a religious history. This is because Rome, Italy, is known for being a Catholic-driven place in the world. Make sure that you will visit this place with your friends and family members.

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