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A Travel to Holy Land of Israel

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Your dream travel to the Holy Land of Israel would be an exception that would be treasured and valued by you all through your lifetime. Yearly, hordes of visitors and tourists travel to Israel for purposes that would serve their religious reasons and know the historical as well as the natural beauty of the place.

An Israel tour is thought to be a move towards following the footsteps of Jesus so that it can lead one to know the origin of the Christian faith. Tourists would indeed find it hard to plan out such Israel travel with much precision. Therefore, it’s always better to depend upon a travel agent who sorts out for various travel to the holy land of Israel.

Holy and tourist attractions in Israel

A must-visit place in Israel takes account of the following:


Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

It is Israel’s capital city and the center of all religions in the country. Don’t forget to visit the west wall, the remains of the temple of the Jewish people. The churches, red skullcap that is a holy place for the Muslims and many other sites such as the Knesset, the old neighbors, and a whole lot more.

Dead Sea

Ein Bokek Israel

This is considered a lower place all over the world. A lot of tourists are coming to this place from all parts of the world. Many believe that water in the Dead Sea can cure illnesses, and its mud can cure various kinds of skin diseases.


Red sea, Eilat, Israel

When you think about Eilat, perhaps you think about young people from all parts of the glove, the Red Sea is special rare fish as well as wonderful, beautiful hotels. Eilat is packed with many amazing attractions such as Dolphins, water extremes, cafes, deluxe hotels, and clubs.


Haifa, Israel

Located in the northern portion of Israel close to the sea as well as a part of the city is on top of the Carmel Mountain. The view is remarkable, and you should visit the renowned Bahaim gardens.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

It is also known as the non-stop city, Tel Aviv is busy day and night. There are nightclubs, and part begins at 1:00 in the morning. Tel Aviv is the center of Israel and has the largest population. Your visit to Tel Aviv will not be complete if you don’t visit the renowned Azrieli mall as well as the Safari zoo in Ramat Gan.

Different Kinds of Israel Tours

Traveling to the Holy Land of Israel is an extraordinary event in the life of every Christian.  Travel to Israel, which are well planned in a personalized way by amazing travel agents, would assist in making the tour memorable, meaningful, and successful. There are kinds of Israel tours such as Professional Israel tours, Israel study tours via the organization of diverse seminars, Bible study tours of Israel, Israel Jewish tours. Desert tours to Israel as well as Israel tours of diverse schools and colleges. The travel agencies provide different packages, the price depends on the type of tours you opt to.

Israel tours itineraries are made by travel agencies to help you visit some of the best sites and know more about the country’s current situation. Different travel agencies, Churches, organizations, as well as individual groups of travelers, would be happy to know that these travel firms provide the most excellent service as well as reasonable prices for customized Israel tours. There are a fixed number of days varying between eight to twelve days for every tour. The fees charged for each tour also depends upon the days of stays.

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